The History of the Introduction of "The Gospel" among Aos.


E.W. Clark, the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society was responsible for the introduction of "The Gospel" among the Aos in particular and Nagas in general.


The American Baptist Foreign Mission Society(Presently called "International Ministries") was responsible for the introduction of the Christianity among the Aos of Nagaland and subsequently in all over Nagaland. They were also responsible for the introduction of "Roman Script" and Modern Education. Prior to this, Nagas had no script of their own. The oral tradition says that it lost in the process of their nomadic life.


To the amazement of the Nagas, Churches multiplied like wild-fire, reaching all the tribes in Nagaland within remarkably few years. For the purpose of strengthening the Church, the Ao Baptist Church Association (ABAM) was organised in March  1897.


Initially ABAM pioneered the introduction of Churches in the following Naga Tribes:- Lotha, Sumi, Sangtam, Chang, Yimchunger, Khiamniungan and Phom.

ABAM Projects...
Clark Theological College (CTC),
Impur Bible School (IBS)
Clark Memorial Hr. Sec. School (CMHSS)
Baptist English School (BES)
Multi-Disciplinary & Recreational Development Farm
Vocational Training & Production Centre (VTPC)
Mission (Arunachal, China)
Sunday School
Abam Calendar 2010...


Toklang Tenzuker Orientation

July 11 - 22, Impur


CTC Sunday*

July 10


ABAM Sanen Luden Senden

July 28 - 29


CMHSS Sunday

August 7


STTM Follow-up

August 8 - 12


Worship Central Training: Zone 5

August 26 - 28


Canaan Farmers' School Training

Sept. 6 - 9, Dimapur


Worship Central : Zone 6

Sept. 9 - 11


Prayer for IEF & DBC*

Sept. 11


Pastoral Counselling Training, Vellore

Sept. 12 - 22



































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